Mercantile Bank goes live with TCS BaNCS
Karl Kumbier, CEO, Mercantile Bank, discusses how TCS BaNCS helped in meeting their customers’ needs by providing a secure, easy to use, agile internet banking platform and integrating with SARS e-filing payments.
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Mercantile Bank
TCS BaNCS Digital

Experience Results

TCS BaNCS worked closely with Mercantile Bank to build a modern internet banking, multi-channel platform from scratch, customized to the needs of our entrepreneurial clients. The system fully integrates with private and business banking, and allows for payments directly to SARS via SARS E-Filing. Karl says, “it’s the first project where he has never faced any issues in implementation and also went live a day earlier than expected”.

Experience Partnership

MBL already been using the TCS BaNCS for Core Banking for nearly a decade and has now extended its partnership to support desktop, tablet and mobile banking for businesses. Karl believes that the quality of work and on-time deliveries are the reasons behind their strong relationship with TCS.

Experience Leadership

Mercantile Bank implemented a user-experience based digital banking platform, integrating with private and business banking thereby helping them in leading the South African market through digital innovation.

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