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The rapidly changing technology landscape and customer expectations are shaping the future dynamics of the brokerage industry today. There is an increased demand for analytics and actionable data based on social media sentiments and technical-pattern detection tools from retail investors. Also, on the institutional side, rapid adoption of algorithmic trading and co-location facilities are driving the race towards low latency platforms.


, which seamlessly integrates with TCS BaNCS for Universal Banking as a complete front-to-back office offering. The solution can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be integrated with third-party or in-house back-office systems. Its modularity allows implementation of independent components such as channels, risk management, FIX, and more. All channels (internet, mobile/tablets) are based on a responsive web design.

TCS BaNCS for Trading supports different execution types such as worked orders, Direct Market Access, and algorithmic trading. The use of in-memory architecture and high performance computing principles has enabled low latency levels.


  • Digital trading channels
  • Increased trading efficiency and control
  • Superior risk management
  • Anytime, anywhere trading
  • Global/local trading and multi-market connectivity
  • Informed decision-making capability
  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP)
  • Advanced technology architecture

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