Due to increased regulatory oversight, audit controls, and compliance pressure, financial services industry has been investing heavily in IT infrastructure, people and processes. As digitization, analytics, open banking and AI are gaining traction, financial services organizations are struggling to innovate with their legacy platform. To stay relevant and grow, financial services organizations must adopt digitized, cost-effective, secure and future-proof technology, that offers a comprehensive mix of contextual solutions to their customers.

TCS BaNCS Cloud for Banking


TCS BaNCS Cloud is a one-stop SaaS offering that has been adopted by banks of varying sizes across the globe for its future-ready digital architecture, functionality, business agility and operational efficiency. Its proven application architecture ensures anytime, anywhere digital access, scalability, resilience, high performance, and compliance.

TCS BaNCS Cloud is continually upgraded with new features and built-in Market Readiness:

  • Frees financial institutions from managing server and system software, and allows for scalability and elasticity
  • TCS works with the market experts to ensure market-specific and regulatory compliance
  • The solution’s extensibility layer helps to incorporate market and customer-specific enhancements without affecting core software


TCS BaNCS Cloud offers the flexibility to deploy its suite of solutions for Banking, Capital markets and Insurance on TCS’ private cloud or on public cloud. The solution offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces IT complexity and costs through automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Lowers capital expenditure and ensures predictable OpEx
  • Helps achieve high STP rates
  • Assured security and business continuity
  • Standard interfaces for rapid integration with enterprise services
  • Standardized data migration suites
  • Track and controls operational risks through dashboards
  • Adaptability to changing business needs using the TCS BaNCS rule-driven business engine
  • Integrates workflow-based user actions

TCS BaNCS customers can also choose TCS BaNCS Cloud, our SaaS offering:

  • A specialized “Industry Solution Cloud” for business solutions in the SaaS model across Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance
  • Leading credit unions in the UK have adopted TCS BaNCS Cloud to drive down costs and go to market faster with new products
  • One of the leading banks in the USA have adopted TCS BaNCS Cloud to unify its lending operations
  • 34 customers across the globe (US, Europe, UK, India, MEA) and 27 new customers added in the last two years, indicating rapid growth
  • 170+ banks in India run on C-edge, notching 100 MN transactions per month

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