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Growing costs and stringent regulations, and increasingly digital-savvy customer base have pushed the traditional mortgage lenders to explore new business models. Consequently, mortgage firms are looking for strategic partners to drive profitable, efficient operations, boost speed to market and meet the expectations of technology-savvy and financially educated customers. 


TCS Digital Mortgage Services aims to simplify, automate and standardize origination, underwriting, quality check and customer service processes. This allows lenders to enhance customer experience, reduce origination, servicing and compliance costs, increase topline growth, and improve portfolio quality, and increase operational efficiencies.

TCS Digital Mortgage Services encompass:

  • Digital Origination
  • Digital Mortgage Advisor
  • Digital Underwriting
  • Digital Quality Control
  • Digital Servicing
  • AI based Chatbot
  • Automated Document Classification and Extraction


With our comprehensive suite of digital mortgage services, firms can realize the following benefits:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Streamline processes and improve interaction and visibility through digitization and responsive experience design
  • Reduced operating costs: Optimize origination costs by leveraging productivity enhancement features such as document digitization, powerful business rules engine, and smooth workflow
  • Improved Portfolio quality & enhanced regulatory compliance: Improve portfolio quality, meet regulatory compliance requirements effectively and efficiently through digitally enabled quality check processes
  • Improved market share and revenue:  Increase pull-through rate by converting more applications to loans resulting in higher market share and revenue growth

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