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Mapping industry-specific functions to the right cloud service models is key

To chart an optimal path to value through cloud transformation, it is important to look at cloud deployment, service models and migration options from a unified lens. A comprehensive and integrated approach, which can be called enterprise-as-a-service (EaaS), involves mapping industry-specific business functions and processes to a corresponding cloud service model and offering a simplified cloud-in-a-box solution. This involves three key steps:

  • Establish a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategy including cloud service model
  • Develop a business-aligned cloud migration and modernization roadmap with defined business case
  • Establish a cloud business office for cloud enabled transformation management

Such an approach will help organizations leverage decades of investments in digital solutions and cloud-native technology to foster co-innovation with cloud service providers and other emerging technology providers.

Parthiv Shah

Global Head, Cloud Strategy & Transformation, TCS

Dhaval Jindal

Consultant, Cloud Strategy & Transformation, TCS

Niraj Pandita

Consulting Partner, Cloud Strategy & Transformation, TCS


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