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Neotel Enjoys 99.95% Application Uptime

TCS updates and fortifies operations and business support systems for Neotel.

Neotel Telecom
Managed Service Operations and Support

Outdated systems hindered Neotel’s ability to meet customers’ expectations.

Neotel was struggling with effort-intensive, unsustainable operations. It became imperative for them to improve the efficiency of their business framework. They needed to optimize their operational expenses, eliminate redundant systems, upgrade their Excel-based designs and records, and establish a healthy IT support system. Neotel realized that ensuring uninterrupted systems availability and support was key to keeping their customers happy. They also wanted their customer-specific solutions to be ready for market quickly, and were under immense pressure to fulfil each service level agreement.


TCS accelerates transition to upgraded system and bridges operational process gaps.

TCS helped Neotel set up a Greenfield Internet data center and an IT infrastructure library-based solution, which swiftly transformed and standardized processes and systems.

Our standard due diligence and transition framework accelerated the transformation and bridged operational process gaps. Our vendor alliances helped procurement, planning, and usage of best-of-breed technology for data storage.

Our solution helps Neotel fulfil operational service level agreements. We provide uninterrupted production support for timely incident and problem management. Our continuous improvement methods ensure high availability of business support systems. We enable system sustainability through proactive application monitoring, defect alert mechanism, and root cause analysis.

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“TCS is a very strong global services best practices organization.”

Gopal Govinder, GM IT Managed Services and Operations, Neotel

Neotel now enjoys drastically higher billing process speed and accuracy, lower revenue leakages, and higher profit margins. Our cross-functional team offered 24x7 support, focusing on competency building and knowledge sharing.

Neotel successfully met their goal of updating enterprise-wide systems and establishing a stable operations and business support systems architecture.

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