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Hawaiian Airlines transforms F&A
Shannon Okinaka, CFO, Hawaiian Airlines, talks about how TCS leveraged automation to transform the airline’s revenue and financial accounting processes. Automation enabled the airline to reduce invoice backlog and improve invoice processing accuracy.
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Hawaiian Airlines Hawaii’s largest and longest serving airline
Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
Business Operations Financial Accounting Services Invoice Processing

Experience Results

Leveraging its 5D methodology, TCS was able to transition the Hawaiian Airlines’ revenue and financial accounting services within a short span of 18 weeks. Additionally, Shannon adds, TCS’ transformation expertise helped the airline improve invoice processing accuracy by over 30%, manage volume volatility, and optimize operating costs.

Experience Partnership

TCS proactively aligned its strategy in line with Hawaiian Airlines’ business needs. By deploying innovative solutions such as automation, TCS helped Hawaiian Airlines clear a significant part of their invoice backlog, and realize over USD 5 million per month. 

Experience Leadership

Shannon appreciates how TCS leveraged its vast experience in the airlines industry, bringing in their large pool of industry experts to this engagement. TCS’ experts have continually helped Hawaiian Airlines build strategies to address key industry trends and stay ahead of the competition.  

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