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Periodically, when healthcare payers enroll members into the system, they face several business challenges.

  • Enrolments at group levels are outsourced to benefit administrators. This is an additional expense and often logistically difficult.

  • Usually, it takes six months to prepare for enrolment and complete it. This puts a pressure on the existing ecosystem.

  • As the process is usually complex, the payer sales teams work closely with the IT teams. This creates dependency.

TCS Solution

Establishments are always looking for comprehensive options where the payers are looking at adapting newer technologies and platform. This is how TCS Healthcare Enrolment Platform helps:

  • It has features such as social media integration, dashboards and metrics, multi-channel support, and exchange compatibility.

  • Its intuitive user interface allows quick configuration.

  • It factors in rule-based validation which helps detect and avoid errors.

  • It accepts enrolment data in various formats.

  • Due to its ease of use, companies can have their HR teams to manage health benefits enrolment online.

  • It aims to be portal-based administration. It can facilitate management of tasks such as employee enrollment, workflow and exception, and dynamic content.


  • Add new clients and update existing clients easily

  • Go to market faster

  • Use various formats of enrolment data as the solution can support them

  • Operate efficiently since the solution addresses the entire ecosystem.

  • Save on cost as the flexible pricing options make it suited to your business needs.

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