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How TCS' IoT expertise enhanced J&J’s digital transformation journey

Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the world's largest pharmaceutical, medical devices, and consumer products healthcare company, endeavored to improve healthcare access and affordability, and create healthier communities. 

Legacy systems and applications and vendor-dependencies were limiting J&J’s potential. They aimed to build a technology stack, improve the customer experience, and open new business opportunities, and chose TCS as their digital transformation partner. 

With TCS' trust, innovation, and reliability, J&J aspired to keep customers’ health and well-being at the core of their vision. 

Using TCS' IoT expertise, J&J and TCS are designing new opensource IoT platforms that drive innovation and agility in the product development and supply chain processes, to deliver better quality products to patients and provide superior patient outcomes. 

Combining the power of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), and moving from a vendor-specific solution to a self-serving solution, helped J&J reduce their release time from up to 35 days to two hours. 

TCS’ deep contextual knowledge, digital strategy, and technology stack have enabled J&J to revolutionize their manufacturing process. 

What Made it happen


TCS ADD  is a suite of modern and open technology platforms for clinical research and drug development that helps make clinical trials more agile and safe. 

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