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Insurance Business Operations


TCS Insurance Business Operations

Digitally enabling insurers to deliver superior customer experience.



The maturation of insurers’ digitization strategies, from robo-advisors to omni-channel access, calls for new products and services, which resonate with digitally savvy customers. Challenges around regulations, customer demands, expenses, and non-traditional channels are driving them to innovate and enhance operations. The increased severity and frequency of catastrophic events makes it important for them to leverage emerging technologies to create customer-centric products and services.

TCS Solution

We provide innovative offerings that span life, retirement, annuities, property, and casualty. Our insurance solutions also include:

  • Advisory services: Financial planning (paraplanning) support services covering data plan and data consolidation

  • Web chat solutions for customer engagement

  • Actuarial support for determining the root cause of actuarial miscalculations, investigating, and finding a solution

  • E-document management

  • IoT consulting: TCS Connected Home solution, which places insurers in the ecosystem of IoT and digital forces (mobile, social, big data, and analytics)

  • Digital insurance flood risk assessment solution

  • TCS digital insurance telematics analytics and insights solution


  • Enable 20% improvement in capturing potential fraud cases

  • Achieve 30% improvement in enrollment cycle time

  • Gain over $30 million in operational savings

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Reduce time to handle tracking agency errors and omissions by 20%

  • Fulfill 95% transactions through digital channels

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