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It’s Business As Usual for Nine Entertainment

TCS transitions Finance and Accounting teams to a virtual workplace within 72 hours.

Nine Entertainment
Media and Entertainment
Secure Borderless Workspace (SBWS™)


A seamless transition to a virtual workspace was essential for TCS teams supporting Nine.

The Finance and Accounting operation for Nine Entertainment’s publishing and real estate businesses supported by TCS needed to seamlessly switch to virtual mode during COVID-19 to ensure business continuity, the delivery of critical finance KPIs and that the business continued to operate as BAU.



TCS implemented the Secure Borderless Workspace (SBWSTM) for Nine’s publishing and real estate businesses, within 72 hours, to ensure the smooth delivery of critical and non-critical activities of F&A operations.

With the support from the Nine Executive, the TCS team completed a phased approach to shift employees to virtual mode at home. Keeping the finance and accounting operation running through the period of mass remote working involved ensuring that client confidentiality and data safety were not compromised under any circumstances.

By proactively switching to virtual mode through the SBWSTM, TCS teams were able to maintain 100% finance and accounting operations BAU across Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Record to Report and T&E services from the day one of lockdown without any disruptions for Nine’s publishing and real estate businesses.

One of the major highlights of this tenure is the way the team had flawlessly handled the Month end activities on time under SBWSTM

Nine thanked and appreciated TCS for ensuring that there was no adverse impact on their business due to COVID-19 disruptions:

“The execution of SBWS™ of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was seamless and service levels have remained consistent. The transition is a testament of the dedication of the TCS team and we thank TCS for their continuous delivery of services", said Danielle Abandowitz, Head of Group Risk and Projects, Nine Entertainment.


The day to day Finance & Accounting functions continued as BAU during lockdown without any impact on the customer’s business

SBWSTM, activated in record time, enabled BAU services to be successfully performed from day one of the lockdown without any disruptions. This comprehensive solution saw no impact on the Nine’s publishing and real estate businesses F&A operations, with required SLA levels maintained and all Month End activities performed with 100% accuracy.

With SBWSTM, the TCS support team has re-imagined its working style to effective ‘remote’ working.

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