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Quantum computing (QC) is not just a theory anymore, nor is it only a part of science fiction. Amid the emergence of the practical uses of quantum technology, the world’s top information technology companies are not leaving any stone unturned in terms of experimenting and harnessing its power.

As QC gains traction, businesses must adopt a trial-and-error methodology, early on, to determine how the technology could help them improve their computing needs and how quantum security could mitigate risks.

In this white paper, experts explain the uses of quantum computing applications and quantum machine learning across industries, and how businesses can enter the space to experiment in the nascent stages.


Vidyut Navelkar

Head, Quantum Computing – Strategy and Consulting

Sridhar CV

Head, Alliances and Ecosystem partnerships, Incubation

Godfrey Mathais

Consultant, Quantum Computing

Sayantan Pramanik

Technical Architect, Quantum Computing


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