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TCS helps Westpac build Wealth Management Platform
Anastasia Cammaroto, CIO, Westpac BT Financial Group, explains how they partnered with TCS to build a state of the art digital platform to simplify their wealth management software systems and enhance customer experience.
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Westpac BT Financial Group
Banking and Financial Services
Wealth Management Digital Platform

Experience Results

In this client testimonial video, Westpac BT Financial Group, CIO, Anastasia Cammaroto, speaks about TCS’s leadership role in delivering its next generation wealth management platform running on the Avaloq-based 'Panorama' solution.

Experience Partnership

According to Anastasia, “TCS has shown a significant amount of agility. Every organization has their own internal kind of barriers that they have to go through, but TCS, through their experience of working with multiple partners globally, have worked with us to overcome those barriers and work through them.”.

Experience Leadership

Westpac BT Financial Group benefitted from TCS’ vast domain knowledge and digital, wealth management experience and worked in tandem with the Westpac – BT Financial Group team. Anastasia says, "We look forward to that innovation, that leadership of thinking and that leadership of practice coming through and lifting our own standards."

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