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Power generation alone contributes to over 41% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, largely fueled by coal. Despite several sustainability actions set in motion, coal is expected to provide at least 22% of global power even in 2040, accounting for nearly 68% of emissions. Leveraging the right technologies will help thermal power plants reduce up to two gigatons of CO2 emissions. Digital twin solutions backed by internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and advanced data analytics will serve as catalysts to improve the performance of power plants across functions such as monitoring of equipment and processes, optimizing operations in real time, and improving availability. Digital twin solutions can assist in better operation and maintenance of applications such as boiler, gas turbine, flue gas desulfurization system, selective catalytic reduction system, and air preheater.

The solutions not only reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions but also bring down annual operational and maintenance expenses by at least $60 million.

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Anirudh Deodhar

Scientist, TCS Research

Sri Harsha Nistala

Scientist, TCS Research

Rajan Kumar

Researcher, TCS Research


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