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CSP network operators look to capture data from different devices and build a homogenized data lake for zero-touch automation and intelligent operations. However, devices from different manufacturers require their own configuration and monitoring tools, resulting in enterprises monitoring and managing devices in silos. The absence of a centralized platform also makes data analytics challenging, reducing visibility into services and network infrastructure. Further, traditional products do not support cloud deployment, which impacts scalability and elasticity.


TCS HOBS Connected Devices Management uses a common user interface with a holistic device management view with multi-technology and multi-vendor support capabilities across networks, enterprises, home devices, and sensors. The platform improves telecom network performance by managing device operations effectively and performing fulfillment and assurance functions. It has the following components:

  • Network configuration management: Manage and audit, configure baseline, perform diagnostics, audit, and run remedial procedures with a centralized network configuration management system.
  • Service activation: Automate network functions, perform technical order orchestration, bulk resource activation or deactivation, rollback and prioritization.
  • Fault management: Leverage real-time dashboards and alarms for network fault and traps handling and monitoring, rules engine and filters, and geo view.
  • Performance management: Monitor network performance and availability, link SLA monitoring, server performance, and monitor KPIs and associated breaches.
  • Home device management: Provision devices, diagnose remotely, and monitor reactively and proactively to empower customer service agents.


The platform provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Reduced operational costs by up to 70% with automated processes and decrease in field visits by 40% with effective remote management and troubleshooting
  • Enhanced productivity by reducing the time taken for monitoring and troubleshooting by up to 40% and decreasing customer calls by 25%.
  • Better resource utilization by channelizing resources free by the automated processes towards other business needs
  • Enhanced customer experience with improved customer support and reduced network downtime and MTTR by 30% and 40%, respectively
  • Support for more than 200 device models with ready-to-use services, performance, and diagnostics templates for a faster time-to-market
  • Proactive monitoring of SLAs for platinum customers and sharing of common data sets across fulfillment, assurance, and operations to gain actionable insights

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