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The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have had issues trying to cut down on the time taken to bring in new drugs to market and in developing a more ethical manner of producing cosmetics. There are a number of sensitive factors at play here, such as the use of animals in the testing process and the patients suffering from countless diseases. The pressure to meet stringent regulatory requirements has compelled firms to replace current testing and delivery systems, and look for an advanced modelling platform that can emulate human skin properties for transdermal delivery and usher in in-silico testing, supporting in-vivo/in-vitro experiments.


The . The platform is capable of micro- and macro-scale modelling, and can emulate the physicochemical properties of human skin, thereby facilitating the study of how constituents of new formulations are transported through its layers. This digital skin has been extensively validated by TCS COIN™ partners, and has been seen to work seamlessly with real skin during in-vivo/in-vitro experiments. The platform also uses a VR-based tool for advanced visualization and collaboration over the cloud. From simulations that leverage molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics, to being adept at nanoparticle design, the platform is capable of enhancing current developmental processes significantly


  • New formulations developed without animal tests
  • In-silico screening for transdermal delivery
  • Better understanding for futuristic solutions
  • Virtual space for collaborative design

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