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Pratik Matkar

Lead – Data Privacy, Cyber Security, Business and Technology Services, TCS

Hussain Mirza

Lead – Consent Management, Cyber Security, Business and Technology Services, TCS

Automating the key tenets of data privacy is key to a successful data privacy program

Data privacy is central to organizational sustainability and revenue generation opportunities. What organizations need is a centralized and digitized approach that helps automate consent lifecycle management, data subject rights, data protection as well as data discovery and classification. Organizations can take a phased approach to build such a data privacy culture which entails:

  • Assessing data privacy maturity: Assess maturity of existing data privacy posture to evaluate business processes and personal data handling practices

  • Operationalizing data privacy program: Analyzing individual projects and taking strategic approaches to enhance data privacy posture maturity

  • Automating data privacy: Take a holistic, systematic, and automated approach to manage the complexities in providing consumers the autonomy on data collection and its usage