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CRO function in buy-side firms have risk platforms comprising highly specific components from independent suppliers and vendors that are ‘stitched’ together. This necessitates strong integration capabilities while working in a complex ecosystem. As buy-side firms take on ever more diverse risk with new challenges, the CRO's role is rapidly changing—from being a gatekeeper to a strategist—with a strong demand for real-time risk and portfolio analytics.

Key trends and areas of growth include:

  • Changing dynamics shaping the evolution of the asset management: Shifts in the market ecosystem with buy-side firms becoming more complex, along with more complex mandates and asset mixes
  • Acting as orchestrator within a complex ecosystem: CROs in buy-side firms have to leverage a wide variety of external applications and services working with multiple stakeholders
  • The technology differentiator: Leveraging next-generation technology options and low-cost, open-source databases and frameworks