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RBC Capital Markets, a top-10 global investment bank, has an extensive equity research capability covering around 1,700 corporations across the world. Its research desk has been consistently ranked #1 in Canada over the years. 

To expand its reach and retain its leadership, RBC wanted to redesign its client-facing research portal to provide a better customer experience. 

As RBC’s strategic digital partner, TCS designed and developed a new microservices-based, cloud-ready research portal that provides a more engaging, intuitive and consistent user experience across a multitude of devices preferred by new-generation fund managers. AI-based algorithms power the intuitive search capability and provide personalized, context-driven research recommendations. The new portal supports multimedia formats including podcasts and videos. It also provides RBC’s award-winning analysts with a best-in-class platform to publish their research and interact with clients online. 

In-depth readership analytics have enabled identification of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The superior user interface has helped improve customer satisfaction. Integration with third party research aggregator sites has significantly expanded its reach. The new portal has significantly improved the overall client journey of content and led to an increase in readership and client visits.

“We have been maintaining our technological leadership by investing significantly in our digital and innovation strategies, enabling RBC to deliver superior experiences and even more insights that create value for our clients. Partnering with TCS helped us innovate at scale, leveraging leading-edge technology to transform the user experience as well as the reach of RBC Insights, and unlock new opportunities. They brought a lot of domain knowledge and were proactive in coming up with new ideas. By working Agile and deploying automation wherever possible, they significantly improved our speed to market. Their deep understanding of our business, passion for innovation and shared values have made them a key part of our digital transformation journey.” - Fardeen Khan, Head - Strategic Initiatives - Research, RBC Capital Markets

(This story was featured in TCS’ 2019-20 annual report)