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Science culture still raises bars against female progression


The Australian

Australia’s leading national newspaper The Australian highlights the challenges of female entry in STEM occupations and how TCS is stepping up to help overcome shortage of women in STEM.

Top science bodies in the country have cautioned about the exacerbating situation of low female entry in STEM occupation due to the ‘blokey’ work culture and publish-or-perish imperatives.

TCS in partnership with The Australian newspaper launched REWIRE, a new series that focuses on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in the country. 

Karen Iles, Head of CSR at TCS ANZ, while addressing the first forum of REWIRE on June 9 highlighted that 1 per cent shift of Australia’s workforce into STEM fields could deliver a $57.4 billion boost to GDP. “Women represent only 28 per cent of the (STEM) workforce in Australia. It’s clear that we need not just a larger STEM workforce, but we need women in STEM.” she added.

Michelle Simmons, Physicist at University of NSW told the forum that the challenges for female scientists was to highlight the “great opportunities” for women. “There is no simple answer to the problems female scientists faced in combining career with family, ” said Professor Simmons, who is a mother of three. Success ultimately rests with one’s “inner belief” to achieve. “There are a lot of women with fantastic career roles. The more we have out there, the more you see", she added.

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