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TCS partners with Intel to develop and deploy solutions on Intel IoT Platform


Intel recently announced a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform, with TCS as a select partner.

TCS is collaborating with Intel to develop a portfolio of IoT solutions such as Smart Cities, Smart Infrastructure, Connected Assets and Telematics. TCS IoT solutions will utilize Intel's stack, including Intel’s processor, software assets and gateway products, and leverage critical features like integrated end to end security.

The Intel® IoT Platform is an end-to-end reference model designed to unify and simplify connectivity and security for the  IoT. The new platform will make it easier for solution providers to move IoT from pockets of pilots to mainstream deployments with a repeatable foundation of building blocks that can be customized for limitless solutions. Data will be unlocked faster to extract meaningful information and value for consumers and businesses.

For more details, read the article -  Intel Unifies and Simplifies Connectivity, Security for IoT

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