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Public Infrastructure Solutions


Public infrastructure is one of the key determinants of economic growth: good public infrastructure spurs productivity and growth, while its absence poses a bottleneck to economic growth. TCS’ Public Infrastructure solutions leverage the domain expertise of our consultants to offer best-of-breed systems that maximize returns on investment, while offering effective public infrastructure services.

Client Challenges

One of the key responsibilities of governments globally is to ensure good public infrastructure which, in tandem with private sector enterprise, keeps the economy in good order. Typically, public infrastructure projects require considerable investment, with long gestation periods; funding, operating, pricing and ownership rights are all challenges that impact public infrastructure projects.

What TCS Provides

TCS’ Public Infrastructure solutions enable the following features:

  • Automating operations to optimize workflows and raise efficiency
  • Making transactions and processes transparent to allow all stakeholders to gain from public infrastructure investments
  • Pricing flexibly to offer the following possibilities:
    • Convert capital expenditure investments into operating expenditure items
    • Align the interests of sponsors and vendors
    • Distribute project risks
    • Ensure ongoing service warranties
  • Taking complete ownership of the challenges to allow clients to focus on effective outcomes rather than manage operational issues

Our extensive experience in designing effective public infrastructure solutions for a diverse group of countries allows you to tap into a deep pool of knowledge and expertise and identify best practices that may apply in your specific context.

Business Value

Public infrastructure projects are crucial to driving and sustaining economic growth. Our solutions allow you to optimize operations and enhance the productivity of your infrastructure, increasing returns on such investments. Digital systems ensure better dollar-value and sharper monitoring of all investments and their outcomes.

Furthermore, we bring a comprehensive approach to all our engagements, often delivering not just digital systems but also associated services, back-end support and change management services to ensure that the key objectives are met.

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Case Studies

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