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Oracle Warranty Management Solution


Ensure customer loyalty while improving warranty costs and claims with TCS’ Oracle Warranty Management Solution.

The TCS Advantage

  • Strong process framework: WOPR™ comprises predefined processes, best practices and KPIs, which facilitate optimized warranty reserve planning and warranty claims cost control. This model is a validated process model that provides end-to-end warranty process coverage.
  • Integration with Oracle Policy Automation (OPA): Business users themselves can ensure that the system adapts to a warranty rule change without any complex programming.
  • Warranty Center of Excellence (CoE): We conduct collaborative research and continually improve products, tools and methodologies so that we can bring quality solutions to market faster.
  • Accurate definition of key information: We provide access to dynamic information collated from across the value chain. This information is critical to improve downstream claims processing and conduct root cause analyses of quality issues.

Solutions we Offer

TCS’ Oracle-based solution provides a single comprehensive framework to integrate and streamline the warranty management lifecycle across the value chain. It integrates end-to-end transactional execution processes with continuous quality improvement initiatives to provide complete visibility into the warranty management lifecycle. The solution also provides pre-built analytical reports that help in informed decision making.

We also provide the following:

  • Maturity Assessment and Benchmarking: Perform an as-is evaluation of your warranty processes and benchmark them against best-in-class processes to create an effective roadmap.
  • BPR Study: Perform a BPR study to get the best out of the warranty value chain.

Solution Benefits 

  • Cost reduction: Minimize warranty process redundancies and inefficiencies, thus reducing warranty costs.
  • Process automation: Automate the various resource-intensive manual processes:
    • Registration of products in the sales channel
    • Claims processing
    • Claims appeal
    • Parts return
    • Communication of performance data to engineering teams
    • Supplier cost recovery
  • Calculation of warranty reserves: Derive trends and analytic inferences by providing requisite information. Predictive analytical models can then be built to accurately calculate warranty reserves.
  • Acceleration of supplier recovery: Trace quality issues back to the right suppliers so that costs can be recovered quickly.
  • Minimization of fraudulent claims: Set up rules dynamically on the basis of the changing scenarios to manage fraudulent claims.
  • Strengthening of customer loyalty: Proactively detect, resolve and quality issues with comprehensive analytics. This commitment to continuous quality improvement strengthens brand trust and helps create longer and better warranty terms.

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