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Plant in a Mobile


Mobilize your plant floor and enable real-time exchange of critical information across the supply chain with TCS’ Plant-in-a-Mobile Solution.

Ensuring operational flexibility and efficiency is of prime focus for global manufacturers today, as the industry becomes increasingly complex and demands, increasingly variable. Factories of the future must adapt to rapidly changing production schedules, based on real-time information and customer demand dynamics.

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The TCS Advantage

TCS’ extensive domain understanding and experience makes us the ideal partner for your manufacturing mobility needs.

  • Delivery excellence: Plant-in-a-Mobile is developed using TCS’ proprietary Hy5 CanvasTM development platform, ensuring tight security across every application, enhanced backend server support and seamless data synchronization.
  • Architectural framework: The solution uses the principles of reusability, scalability and maintainability as part of the architecture, making it easy to integrate with multiple external components. The solution is also easy to customize since it uses service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Solution we offer

Plant-in-a-Mobile provides real-time, 360-degree visibility of the plant floor, enabling faster and effective decision-making among plant floor personnel. Our offering leverages in-built industry-leading workflows and decision points to help you standardize execution processes and increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as well as workforce efficiency.   

Plant-in-a-Mobile is scalable, platform-independent and capable of integration with leading enterprise systems. It also fosters greater collaboration across the organizational hierarchy, giving plant managers an accurate picture of the plant’s performance, ensuring a harmonized multi-plant environment. 

Our offering can also be integrated with Google Glass, enabling access to virtualized paper assets and hands-free operation.

Solution Benefits

  • Enhanced OEE: Improve your OEE across multiple locations and manufacturing units with improved real-time visibility and plant floor performance.
  • A 360-degree plant view: Give managers and senior executives a complete view of plant functions, with an extensive, collaborative root-cause analysis.
  • Greater collaboration and productivity: Empower your plant floor personnel with mobile access to real-time information, in order to make faster decisions on the go.
  • Easy deployment: Seamlessly host on any mobile operating system with built-in business process workflows that let you easily incorporate industry best practices.
  • Enhanced user experience: Ensure a better user experience with the rich native features of mobile devices. The solution easily integrates with back-end ERP systems.

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