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TCS OmniStore Point of Sale Solution



Deliver a consistent and personalized experience across all customer touchpoints and break barriers between channels through a unified view with TCS OmniStore POS.

Deliver Omnichannel retailing at the store
TCS ‘Universal Store Commerce Platform’ enables retailers to take a quantum leap in enabling omni-channel experience for the customers at stores.


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TCS OmniStore POS has evolved into the first of its kind 4th generation POS, creating a single point of commerce to better serve customers and encourage loyalty.  It consolidates all customer order information within a unified repository along with a universal cart, thereby delivering a seamless experience across all channels.

By leveraging its open architecture, TCS OmniStore POS supports multiple platforms and operating systems allowing retailers to easily integrate new features into their existing investments.

TCS OmniStore comprises an array of relevant services that can be tailored to address your business’ specific requirements.

The TCS Advantage

TCS is among the top 10 technology firms in the world. Having served across wide formats and varied technological landscapes, we are uniquely positioned with our future-ready retail products and strong integration experience across the retail value chain. TCS OmniStore POS is an integral part of TCS’ retail portfolio of best-in-class retail solutions designed to provide an enhanced customer experience across channels.

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Solution Highlights

  • TCS OmniStore POS helps retailers manage customer transactions and intelligence via any device at any location through a thin consistent responsive UI and a persistent universal cart.
  • With shopper data in a single location, our solution offers a consolidated view of customers' preferences, loyalty data, and purchase history to provide a highly personalized service to the customers.
  • By extending support to mobile platforms, TCS OmniStore POS further enables retailers to establish a unique connection with customers through their store associates.
  • The platform-independent solution offers comprehensive functionality, is built on future-ready architecture and provides omni-channel enablement to make stores as the hub of commerce.
  • As the foundation for facilitating immediate communication and action throughout the enterprise, TCS OmniStore POS synchronizes ecommerce and store strategies within your existing infrastructure.
  • Equipped with a centralized architecture and supports flexible deployment models.
  • Architecture and technology supported framework to orchestrate channel specific customizations on items, inventory, pricing, promotions etc. based on channel type and business models.
  • Can be re-used across geographies and retail formats.
  • TCS’ comprehensive out-of-the-box commerce services such as Daily Operations, Administration, Promotion, Payment, and device Integration are readily available to be integrated with any retail omni-channel ecosystem.

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Solution Benefits

TCS OmniStore POS is a robust solution that helps you achieve the following benefits:

  • Increased sales and better margins: Drive sales by enabling cross-channel business process orchestration. Allow your customers to order an online or out-of-stock item, complete the purchase in-store, and have it shipped to their home, along with flexible return irrespective of where the purchase was made.
  • Higher customer loyalty: Boost customer lifetime value through consistent pricing and promotions across in-store and digital channels under the same banner. Deliver a highly interactive and personalized shopping experience with support for clienteling and queue busting on the mobile platform.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Maximize returns on existing investments and support customization with the multi-layered architecture of OmniStore POS. By enabling fluid integration with legacy systems through open-architecture standards, our solution prevents a Rip-and-Replace approach.
  • Rapid response to trends: Respond to evolving consumer behavior faster by leveraging the real-time intelligence garnered by advanced POS functionality.

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The supplement covers market intelligence around retail's most visible technology and describes how the POS is now much more than a payment processing system today, it is acting as an omnichannel commerce engine responsible for driving the enterprise. TCS is highlighted among other leading POS software vendors in a chart showing available solutions. TCS POS lead Dhiraj Jain presents our perspective on POS software trends and considerations. Register to download the pdf guide.trends and considerations. Register to download pdf guide.