Credit Unions are facing numerous challenges. These threats and opportunities include membership growth, community engagement, changing revenue sources, accelerating expenses, and meeting evolving member technology expectations. 

The financial services industry has become increasingly competitive, with the fintech companies and community banks attempting to erode Credit Union’s market share. To retain existing members and attract new relationships, Credit Unions need to have the capacity to open new accounts when and where the individual prefers. 

To maintain membership growth, Credit Unions must also improve community engagement. Credit unions must serve not only individuals but also small and medium size businesses. Thus, credit unions must have the digital tools required by SMB owners and employees. 

The challenge of slowing traditional membership growth has reduced previously reliable revenue sources. Credit Unions need to leverage technology to change revenue channels, including non-interest income from SMB accounts. 

The need for technology spending is accelerating, while credit unions are also maintaining their traditional physical footprint. To manage expenses, credit unions need to deploy the right technology to improve operating efficiency and help to create new opportunities for innovative growth plans.

One of the major driving points for accelerating technology spend is the evolving member digital expectations. These requirements must be achieved if a credit union is to survive. Thus, Credit Unions need to partner with the right technology provider to future proof their digital platform. 

TCS BaNCS Solutions

An API-First Platform – TCS BaNCS’ Open software capabilities help unlock the new business models of a Banking-as-a-Service and embedded finance. 

TCS BaNCS has by far the largest set of functional components for Fintechs and Innovators. So your Credit Union can create a strong technology platform to bring in incremental evolution, with deep functional coverage. 

TCS BaNCS Small and Medium Business Banking platform helps SMBs increase organizational efficiency, allowing SMB owners and employees to manage financial activities and focus on their core business. 

TCS BaNCS ADK (Application Development Kit) is a solution that empowers credit unions to design, configure, brand, test and launch apps with rich user experience, comprehensive functionality and the ability to upgrade in real-time. 

TCS BaNCS Digital is an integrated strategy for channel agnostic customer experience – Providing data consistency and enable members to commence, continue and complete transactions across channels. 

TCS has extensive domain experience with over 40+ years of experience in the financial services industry and more than 450 successful implementations worldwide including for leading credit unions. TCS has all the necessary capabilities on one platform that offers a functionally rich experience to end customers.

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