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Rapidly changing geo-political events and emerging trends of receding globalization are the biggest challenges to the treasurer today. The competition from fin-techs and strict regulatory norms leads to high operational costs, demanding treasuries to maintain a delicate balance between the right funding, investment strategies and inherent risks. 


The cross-asset class platform rests on a digital core and comes with standardized, well-documented APIs that can be seamlessly integrated with the existing IT. With smart set of decision support tools and exceptional architecture, the solution enables treasuries to be more agile.

The integrated platform provides end-to-end operational coverage for functions across front, middle and back offices and can be configured to support all standard process, day to day operations of the treasury business covering:

  • TCS BaNCS for Treasury for Banks
    • Enterprise-wide liquidity & cash flow management solution
    • Comprehensive risk management capabilities
    • Configurable sales desk to manage client needs for OTC treasury products
    • Multi-level hierarchical structure representing desk-book-folder in a treasury
    • Configurable trade workflows, template-based and rules driven confirmation generation and matching
    • Configurable valuation models and pre-deal pricing tools
  • TCS BaNCS for Treasury for Corporates
    • Mapping of corporate entity’s organization structure to centralized group and client treasuries
    • Real-time monitoring of underlying risk exposures and their eff­ective management
    • In-house banking through intra company trades, internal net settlements and pooled position/risk management
    • Effective deployment of surplus funds
    • Integration with firm’s ERP system and connectivity with banking platforms
    • Liability management through issuance of bonds and discounted papers


  • Deep insights from varied set of data across multiple market risks with near real-time risk-factor computation using integrated analytics engine
  • Highly customizable with extensible architecture through UI based tool kit
  • Multi -entity, -currency and multilingual solution improving service levels and reducing cost of ownership
  • Secure, scalable and platform agnostic, harnessing the power of AI, blockchain, and containerization
  • Built-in adapters for ready integration with trading platforms, data sources and trade repositories
  • Timely reporting with data points aligned to the taxonomy of global trade repositories and configurable messaging channels
  • Online accounting, configurable trade workflows and personalized user experience

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