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The traditional process of building a tech solution, involves conceptualizing the business rules, requirements, outcomes, and evaluation. Followed by development, testing, and the launch. Often, the business user gets frustrated by the time this process ends, as the market has moved ahead and new functional enhancements may be required.

Building enterprise or consumer apps has been no different. However, in a fast evolving world of digital and a discerning customer, can one afford to wait and not be the first to launch?


. The solution empowers business and IT users and addresses the key requirements of business-rich user experience, comprehensive functionality, and the ability to upgrade in real-time.

BaNCS ADK tool, is easy to use, unencumbered by any kind of technological complexity, and free from the need to validate or worry about business processes. Using simple ‘drag and drop’ features, a user can design and build an app to specific configurations, branding and colors, and then test the solution and launch it—all within a matter of a few weeks. It addresses much of what banks need today

  • Ultrafast time-to-market
  • Broad control and assured predictability over technology
  • Unusually low TCO and dependency on IT skills


  • Configure banking use cases and functionalities with domain-aware financial widgets
  • Define data and attributes for widgets using Generic Data Model (GDM)
  • Easily connect with industry-standard service definitions with TCS BaNCS Connectors

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