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The payments industry is going through modernization the world over. Most countries are adopting cash-less payments, to drive efficiency, speed and reduce risk. Central Banks and Central Payments Infrastructures in various countries have realized this emerging need and have begun transforming their national payment systems.

TCS BaNCS Solution for Central Payments Infrastructure 

The TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure solution is well-placed to help central banks and central payments infrastructures worldwide in developing a modern, high performance, standards compliant, real-time central payments solution. 

Backed by TCS’ experience in building the successful national payment infrastructure in India, its global presence in leading clearing and settlement organizations worldwide and the product’s track record of having been deployed at leading financial institutions across more than 30 countries. The solution can help central banks and central payments infrastructures give their customers a secure, predictable, speedy and flexible solution for real-time payments.


With TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure, central banks and central payments infrastructures across the world get the following benefits:

  • Rich functional coverage
  • Integrated collateral management
  • Multi-currency and choice of settlement models
  • Proxy Resolution
  • Blockchain and cloud ready solution
  • Multilingual support
  • Compliance with global standards

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