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Strate begins migration to TCS BaNCS
Monica Singer, CEO, Strate talks about their decision to migrate all their technology to the Market Infrastructure solution from TCS BaNCS and their strong relationship with TCS.
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Capital Markets
TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure

Experience Results

Deployment of TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure will provide Strate with the ability to adopt multiple settlement models across asset classes, along with a flexible framework to cater for market-specific requirements designed to maximize settlement efficiency.

Experience Partnership

Monica quotes “we have been using TCS for the last 16 years and now we are moving to a new technology. We trust them implicitly, they have been my partner forever.”

Experience Leadership

Monica says “TCS BaNCS has been very accommodating with all the nuances of the needs of South African market and they understand our market very well. We very happy and thank you TCS for all the assistance and the magic that you have made possible for South Africa”.

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