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In the 30th issue of TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter, we celebrate the milestone of TCS turning 50 years old in 2018, we have taken on the vibrant colors and the TCS 50 brand, a “look and feel” that conveys a sense of diversity, fluidity, and agility appropriate for our heritage and our identity as a truly global organization.

The newsletter includes the following:

  • PostFinance: Four-year plan culminates in core banking replacement and market-wide ISO 20022 adoption
  • Euroclear Finland: Complete modernization with TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure
  • TCS BaNCS in Australia: Longevity as a trusted partner in banking, capital markets, and insurance
  • UK Cloud: Pathway to modernization for UK credit unions and banks
  • Real-Time Payments & SWIFT gpi: TCS BaNCS for Payments prepares banks for key evolutions in global payments
  • TCS BaNCS in China: TCS Financial Solutions visits key TCS BaNCS client banks in China
  • Kuwait Clearing Company: Pioneering initiative in Kuwaiti securities market
  • News and Events: Software Innovation Dialogue, OldMutual Wealth at TCS50, SIFMA, and Gartner l TCS BaNCS Dialogues


Special Supplement: Quartz Networks and Ecosystems