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BT Elevates CX with Digital Transformation

TCS helps telecom giant empower sales and streamline services with a Salesforce solution

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BT wanted to improve service delivery and customer experience

Competing in the dynamic telecommunications market requires getting products and services to customers rapidly. BT, one of the world's leading telecommunications companies, was facing challenges associated with its legacy platform, which comprised multiple, independent applications. This hindered the coordination and sharing of customer data between marketing, sales, field engineers and customer services teams, negatively impacting both sales and customer experience. The telco wanted to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of its processes and customer interactions.



TCS implemented a Salesforce platform to streamline sales and customer communication

TCS helped transform BT's customer operations by integrating several business functions into one digital platform. Based on Salesforce CRM, this platform provided a single analytical view of customer data for the entire organization. The digital process transformation entailed successful adoption of Salesforce instances in each of the four major business units: enterprise, global services, consumer, and openreach.

This digital core was expanded with CloudSense, Salesforce Industries, and complemented by applications from the Salesforce AppExchange, which TCS helped evaluate during the prototyping and selection phases. In addition, TCS supported the implementation of CloudSense and Salesforce Industries OM integrated with Salesforce Community Solution, eliminating the need for agents to toggle between applications during sales calls to access customer and product information.

Another key element of the project was the Field Service Lightning application, which allowed field workers to access information easily and immediately, helping resolve customer issues faster and ensuring a superior customer experience. This solution also ensured that the customer data remains anonymous and secure.

“TCS’ collective insights led to a personalized experience for customers.” - Richard Chambers, Business Improvement Consultant, BT Global Field Service


The Salesforce-based digital platform helps BT improve sales outcomes

The digitalization of processes improved the overall handling of CPQ deals at BT, with pre-populated discounts and automated approvals. The new collaboration methods and mobile-first features allow sales agents and field teams to operate a lot faster and with ease.

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