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In the Business 4.0™ era, a contact center is of critical importance. It can make or break the customer experience and determine how a company is perceived. However, traditional contact centers often struggle with several challenges such as high call volumes that make real-time response to queries difficult. A hosted call center with the right technologies is cost intensive to roll out and dependent on professional support. Integrating sophisticated technology often extends the timeline, resulting in high fixed upfront cost

TCS Solution

TCS offers a scalable, cloud-based contact-center platform that leverages omnichannel technologies to simplify the understanding, processing and resolution of customer queries. Harnessing natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) conversion, our contact-center-as-a-service offering provides a holistic view of the customer complaints, feedback and sentiment. An advanced AI engine aids the analysis of query formats and routes the responses through a conversational assistant, chatbot or a human agent.

Our Cloud Contact Center Services cover voice, mobile, web, e-mail and social media to enable digital transformation at low upfront investment and with fewer full-time resources. The cognitive cloud contact center as a service can be scaled as per business requirement and configured to suit different industry verticals. TCS’ Machine First Delivery Model™ is powered by industry-leading AI and ML engines. The hosted call center platform includes tailormade cloud-based solutions and an array of OEM products. The support includes cloud-readiness assessment, architecture design and migration.


  • Agility, which ensures quick response to different types of queries from diverse sources
  • Accelerated digitization along with omnichannel technology and scalability
  • Lower upgrade cost due to elimination of obsolete technology, optimal team size
  • Quicker and more effective solutions for customers, leading to better reputation
  • Higher productivity unlocked by cognitive technologies

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