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With ever-evolving customer expectations, limited ability to glean meaningful insights from data, expensive service disruptions, paucity of talent, and siloed business operations, enterprises are facing multiple barriers in scaling up their digital initiatives. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused disruptions in the global supply chain and workplaces, reinvigorating the need for integrated and cognitive operations. Further, the abundance of technological tools has ended up confusing enterprises, slowing the deployment of digital solutions.

TCS Solution

TCS Cognix™ accelerates digital transformation with an ecosystem of pre-built solutions to unlock immense value from business process, IT infrastructure and application layer. The solution orchestrates the digital technology ecosystem in an innovative, modular, and logical manner, and helps realize a configurable enterprise. The solution provides the following key features:

Value builders

Address specific business goals with multiple digital levers brought together by a collection of pre-built, configurable, reusable digital solutions.

Assessment framework

Measure business performance and assess cognitive maturity of operations and provide recommendations using a comprehensive benchmarking and maturity assessment framework. 

Industry-specific solutions

Leverage a suite of assets categorized by technologies (data center or cloud, network, workspace), business functions (finance, accounting, human resource, supply chain, marketing) and industries.


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TCS Cognix allows enterprises to:

  • Leverage MFDM™ to reimagine processes and enhance outcomes on revenue, resilience, adaptability, experience, loyalty, and brand equity
  • Drive agility using insight-driven decision support with reusable digital solutions and reporting models

  • Leverage plug-and-play capabilities for a seamless introduction of new technologies

  • Deploy a human-centered design thinking approach to foster collaboration and drive behavioral consistency

  • Gain cross-industry contextual knowledge based on actionable insights

  • Promote guardianship of value creation with transformation governance framework and metric benchmarking