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Vodacom Sharpens Revenue Assurance Capability

TCS HOBS Integrated Revenue Assurance helps the telecom major control revenue leakage 

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Vodacom needed a structured revenue assurance program for its new product portfolio.

Vodacom wanted to capture a larger market share across south and central African countries by expanding a range of customized enterprise offerings. Lacking defined KPIs for assessing revenue leakage, the company struggled to manage its long revenue chains. Most billing and provisioning processes were manual. There was no established governance framework and the billing team would often activate services without updating the CRM’s contract module. These were also not integrated with the activation platform – leading to service status and other attribute mismatches across systems – causing order fallouts and poor CX. 



TCS empowers Vodacom with its HOBS Integrated Revenue Assurance solution.


After analyzing the telecom major’s revenue chain, TCS discovered revenue leakage sources and automated the process for measuring how much revenue they were losing using defined control points deployed across the order-to-cash process.

TCS also deployed its HOBS Integrated Revenue Assurance solution – an analytics-led, best-in-class platform with multidimensional reporting capabilities. With this solution in place, Vodacom’s enterprise business unit could execute four-way reconciliations on several input streams including the CRM, activation, provisioning, and billing systems. This helped the company correlate the latest bill file from the Commercial Finance team with status updates from the Provisioning unit, enabling it to resolve billing issues and recover outstanding revenue. Moreover, the solution was configured to reconcile the master product code tagging list with the CRM and billing system records on a monthly basis for highlighting discrepancies.

”With TCS HOBS Revenue Assurance, Vodacom will be able to take a step forward in the right direction.”

Veran Kathan, CFO

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