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Enterprises that aim to develop medicines and bring them faster to the customer face several challenges:

  • Compromised productivity and inefficiency in the R&D department.

  • Lack of responsiveness of companies due to complexities.

  • Products cannot demonstrate Economic and Clinical Value (ECV). This is a barrier to develop new products.

  • Sales has little or no access to physicians.

  • Expensive and time-consuming to navigate complex regulatory landscape.

TCS Solution

Our solutions help clinicians, patients, and pharmaceutical industries in key areas:

  • Better clinical trial design process: through a crowdsourcing platform, design teams can access information from large groups of researchers, clinicians, and patients.

  • Better patient recruitment and engagement: patients can self-enroll after accessing relevant information. Clinical trial managers can use gamified mobile applications to keep patients motivated.

  • Analytics and Risk-based Monitoring: and drug development.

  • Supply Chain Insight: through an analytics framework based on sensor data, insights can be generated for equipment health, predictive maintenance, etc.

  • Sales and Marketing Support: complex data is displayed in a simple dashboard format via mobile, in real time.


  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by employing pre-built solution components.

  • Reduce overall time to market.

  • Reduce patient drop-out rate through improved patient engagement.

  • Enable prescribers to remotely monitor their patients at home.

  • Generate stronger, better ideas through collaboration.

  • Enable patients to self-enroll and sign the Informed Consent Form electronically.

  • Provide on-time digital content access to sales force.

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