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Vodafone Hutchison Australia is a leading mobile carrier in Australia with approximately 5 million subscribers. TCS is one of their key IT partners.

Experience Results

TCS successfully upgraded VHA’s business intelligence platform to enable the 'Next Best Activity' on their 'My Vodafone' mobile application. The upgrade resulted in enhanced customer experience and improved operational efficiency. According to Benoit Hanssen, VHA achieved two critical technical enhancements-

1) Real-time decision platforms now have the ability to recover from disasters

2) Significant improvement in performance of those real-time platforms

Of critical significance to VHA was the fact that the upgrade was implemented without causing any disruption in services to customers.

Experience Partnership

According to Benoit, TCS integrated well with the development teams at Vodafone and demonstrated a very good understanding of the company's environment and business requirements. TCS knew exactly what was expected from them in terms of delivery, making the collaboration a lot easier.

Experience Leadership

TCS was responsible for end-to-end project management. “TCS brought all the parties together, which for Vodafone was a ‘hands-off’ experience that really benefitted the company. We look forward to a relationship that continues to evolve where we see TCS taking a broader role in our operations.” - Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Hutchison Australia.