Innovation Management Advisory Services

Address complexity, uncertainty, and scarcity with inspired ideas and timely innovations that deliver meaningful business value.

Executives acknowledge that innovation is the ultimate differentiator. Yet many organizations struggle to consistently strategize, ideate, experiment with, and monetize innovative products or services, business models, customer experiences, and business processes. Being able to do so with creativity, speed, and efficiency can fuel growth, profitability, and competitive sustainability.

The TCS Advantage

Our Innovation Management Advisory Services combine our consulting capabilities and practical experience as a recognized innovator. We help you design or re-design the right ‘people, processes, and technology’ to institutionalize integrated innovation management capabilities.

Services We Offer

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TCS Innovation Management Advisory Services help organizations at any point along their innovation journeys master the discipline of innovation. You can continuously generate new and novel concepts to remain market relevant and fiscally viable in a dynamic competitive environment.

Solution Benefits

By establishing a high performance innovation engine, enterprises can expect:

  • An increased number of innovative ideas generated (whether derivative, platform, or breakthrough)
  • A higher proportion of ‘breakthrough’ ideas and ‘monetized’ ideas
  • Faster time to market
  • Higher revenue from innovation, with a higher ratio of revenue attributable to co-created or co-delivered innovation
  • A greater contribution from employees and external stakeholders (such as customers and value chain partners) to innovation

All of the above will help your organization achieve higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue and profitability, and a higher return on innovation investment, as well as earn a reputation as an employer and partner of choice.

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