Innovation Management Services

Ignite growth, profitability and competitive sustainability by enhancing innovation-driven business performance with TCS’ Innovation Management Services.

With constantly evolving customer expectations, disruptive technologies, industry-blurring competition, and emerging market growth, executives are increasingly acknowledging the importance of innovation to remaining competitively relevant and fiscally viable.

The TCS Advantage

Research and innovation practitioner insights reveal that the majority of innovation executives believe a significant portion of their innovation efforts are not successful. TCS’ Innovation Management Services are focused on helping organizations establish their own innovation engines optimized for high performance and speed. Our portfolio of services combines TCS’ consulting capability, practical experience as a recognized innovator and leading techniques and tools of TCS’ innovation ecosystem partners to increase clients’ innovation-driven business outcomes.

Services we Offer

Our services are focused on helping organizations at any point along their innovation journeys master the discipline of innovation and/or complement existing capabilities such that they will be able to continuously and creatively address complexity, uncertainty, and/or scarcity with inspired ideas and valuable innovations.

Our service offerings include the following:

  • Innovation Management Advisory Services:  Boost innovation-driven impact by designing or re-designing the right ‘people, process and technology’ to institutionalize an integrated and systematic innovation management capability for more efficient and effective ideation, experimentation, monetization and portfolio management.
  • Prototyping & Simulation Factory: Increase innovation investment certainty with TCS’ ‘Lean Startup-style experimentation as a service,’ which rapidly and iteratively creates the solution prototypes and conducts the concept simulations needed to evaluate effectively an idea’s customer attractiveness, market viability, and technical feasibility before fully monetizing the innovation.
  • Ideation Factory: Jumpstart your innovation journey with TCS’ ‘ideation management as a service’ to deliver the foundational capability needed to engage employees and other stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise to share new insights and ideas, co-create innovative concepts, and select the best to address important business challenges and optimize innovation investment.


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