Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) Compliance Services

Ensure foolproof compliance in a complex regulatory environment

Recent turbulences in the capital markets industry have resulted in several regulatory changes prescribed by market regulators. MiFID is one such initiative from the European Union (EU) that will significantly change how European markets operate and perhaps stabilize the capital markets.

TCS’ MiFID II compliance offering is designed to accelerate your journey to MiFID compliance so that you gain a strategic  market advantage within a short time.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits

The TCS Advantage

At TCS, we closely follow the MiFID II review developments and constantly analyze and assess its impact on your business, operations and IT processes. Our clients tap into our experience in the European capital markets and hands-on implementation in earlier MiFID I projects.

Our learning from the earlier MiFID I compliance program has helped us customize our offerings to match your business needs and regulatory commitments.

Services We Offer

TCS’ MiFID II compliance solution / service offerings can be customized to your business needs and process maturity levels. Some of our broad offerings around the MiFID II adoption program include the following:

  • Functional assessment of business practices: An analysis of the impact of MiFID II on your business and IT processes to identify compliance gaps and target state business architecture
  • Technical assessment of IT architecture: An assessment of the impact on existing IT architecture and possible systems with changes in MiFID II
  • Implementation roadmap design: The identification of key milestones with respect to the implementation of bespoke or off-the–shelf solution along with phasing and prioritization of requirements
  • Application development and maintenance: The development of new IT systems and enhancement of existing applications using software lifecycle stages of requirement gathering, analysis to design, development and maintenance of applications
  • Assurance services and data management: The preparation of acceptance test strategy along with preparation and execution of test plan and cases relating to new system development or enhancements
  • Business modeling / reengineering: Consulting around possible changes to business and operating models along with business process reengineering required by MiFID II-related changes
  • MiFID II compliance audit: Recommendations around various checks and balances to ensure 100% compliance to various MiFID II guidelines on systems and processes

Solution Benefits

TCS’ framework, solutions and methodologies, coupled with its global experience in business analytics, application development and change management, will shorten the lead time for robust compliance architecture. This will effectively result in the following:

  • Enable you to mitigate the risk of non-compliance
  • Help you accelerate MiFID II regulatory compliance program
  • Ensure your business and IT architecture is in line with the industry’s best practices and requirements of law and regulators
  • Help you leverage new business opportunities
  • Enhance your market reputation and investor confidence

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