Risk Management

Adopt a strategic and holistic approach to capital markets’ risk management with TCS’ Risk Management Consulting Services, leveraging our solution frameworks and risk models.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits

The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Risk Management Consulting Solutions for capital markets span the full range of participants including sell-side, buy-side and market infrastructure. Our solution accelerators for pricing models and risk frameworks help you with competitive differentiation and adopt more effective and efficient risk management practices.

Services We Offer

TCS’ Risk Management Consulting Services help you prepare for, navigate and manage risks in today’s complex business environment. Our areas of expertise cover the major risk management areas such as credit, market liquidity and operational risk and specific areas such as collateral management and risk analytics. Some of our core solutions include niche customized services to investment banks and clearing houses. 

Investment Banking

  • Definition of risk strategy focused on services that provide advice on risk oversight at the board and senior executive level:
    • Risk governance assessments
    • Implementation and design of enterprise risk management solutions - enabling cross-silo enterprise-wide views of risk information (e.g. across lines of business, risk types and geography)
    • Design of cross-asset / real-time risk management solutions
  •  Enhanced risk infrastructure and support for risk technology change programs:
    • Product consulting and implementation
    • Implementation of regulatory risk programs helping you achieve greater compliance effectiveness and strengthen operational resilience
  • Risk analytics and quantitative services helping risk managers to better understand their risk exposure and to more effectively manage risk on an enterprise scale
    • Build customized risk models and design model validation framework
    • Get pricing solutions and data standardization - design, develop, validate and integrate customized pricing models for vanilla and exotic products
    • Define the framework for stress testing and simulations
  • Design of risk aggregation and reporting solutions
    • Design of sophisticated risk reporting systems, enabling user-defined aggregation dimensions - spanning multiple business lines, products and trading books
    • Risk measurements: Value at Risk (VaR), Greeks and Sensitivity Analysis, Incremental risk Charge (IRC)

Central Counterparty (CCP)

  • Define frameworks to enable real-time margining
  • Design real-time exposure monitoring and limit management solutions
  • Define risk models toward back testing, stress testing, liquidity testing and concentration analysis
  • Design collateral management solutions

Solution Benefits

We help you migrate to an advanced level of risk management using our solution frameworks and risk models. Additionally, we help you with the following:

  • Progress from compliance to competitive advantage by adopting more effective and efficient risk management practices
  • Attain flexibility to add new asset classes, implement specific regulatory risk requirements and get versatile in terms of adopting third-party pricing engines, etc. with the help of our configurable solutions
  • Access the industry’s best practices and unique insights into risk methodologies
  • Achieve reduced regulatory, legal and reputation risks by adopting best-in-class solutions

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