Target2 Securities Transformation Services

Drive T2S adaptation to maximize strategic benefits and enhance business value with TCS’ Target2 Securities (T2S) Transformation End-to-end Services

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The TCS Advantage

At TCS, we understand that preparedness for T2S translates into short and long term changes both at the organization and technology level. We help you manage these changes with the following enablers:

  • TCS’ T2S Center of Excellence, which focuses on the development of frameworks and tools for T2S adaptation
  • T2S product expertise, derived from executing consulting engagements focusing on T2S business model and functional design
  • Thought leadership, established by holding regular T2S forums, with eminent market experts, which help you evaluate T2S preparedness

Services We Offer

TCS’ T2S adaptation blueprint presents a structured and phased approach to ensure T2S adaptation and helps you achieve a smooth transition from strategy definition to solution implementation.

We engage with you at the very early stage of T2S adaptation, which helps you develop a holistic picture of your organization and technology changes needed to adapt to T2S. We have three distinct and independent solutions offering that can be used individually or in conjunction with each other:

T2S Business Transformation Strategy:

Helps you with an outside-in view of your enterprise business strategy including T2S adaptation while you assess the post trade landscape with the advent of T2S and other legislations such as CSD Regulation and recalibrate your overall strategy. Our T2S transformation framework is an enabler and comprises three components:

  • Assess Impact
  • Define Strategy
  • Develop Roadmap

The framework has been developed based on our experience of large transformational engagements and T2S product expertise. The framework can be tailored to your organization and technology needs.

T2S Readiness Assessment:
Helps you assess the overall prepardness with respect to your T2S program timeline (17 T2S Synchronization Points) using a five dimensional assessment framework (Strategic, Operational, System, Client and Market). We review your T2S adaptation plan against the European Central Bank (ECB) T2S program milestones and the available adaptation plan of other relevant key stakeholders (CSDs, Central Banks, Custodians and CCPs).

The assessment methodology is based on the three-phased approach: Collect, Analyse and Recommend. Our proprietary tool “T2S Readiness Checklist” helps in the consolidation of information about critical elements along the organizational and technology themes.

T2S Target Operating Model:
Helps establish the target state account structures and business process models and define the business requirements for adapting to T2S. The key activities include analyzing the current business services, evaluating the provision of value added services for competitive advantages and business process rationalisation for smooth cross CSD settlements in T2S.

Our “Functional Impact Analysis” toolkit helps assess the T2S impact on your business processes and functions and identify the existing pain areas.

Service Benefits

TCS’ T2S Transformation framework presents a high business value proposition for your organization’s T2S adaptation program and focuses on the essentials of a successful transformation exercise: People, Process and Systems.

Our framework helps you with the following:

  • Gain a competitive advantage by minimizing the impact of adaptation changes on customers and building new service offerings with reduced time-to-market
  • Rationalize your investments with optimal solution selection and lower running and maintenance costs of the target system
  • Address critical T2S program dimensions of time and complexity with our comprehensive solution framework and program accelerator toolkits
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance to pre-defined T2S transition waves using our best practice guidelines for IT customization, integration and migration

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