Global hospitality company set to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiencies through IT-enabled business transformation

A leading global timeshare brand wanted to review its existing processes and information technology systems to make sure it was keeping pace with the rapidly changing customer expectations and marketplace. The company aimed to enhance customer experience, improve sales effectiveness and operational efficiency, and achieve full regulatory compliance.

The multi-year IT transformation blueprint will enable us to build the future of our enterprise applications, and deliver the desired capabilities for our business users.”
Head of IT at the hospitality company

The Customer
The company is a global hospitality major with a footprint across the entire value chain of the vacation ownership industry. Apart from operating timeshare resorts in select destinations, the company also provides tailored services to timeshare owners in areas such as marketing and sales, operations management, and construction management.

Business Scenario
The firm wished to minimize the turnaround time for processing customer requests and effectively engage with the digitally-empowered millennial generation—a core customer segment—across different channels.

The enterprise also recognized the need to boost the productivity of its sales team by empowering them with real-time information as well as advanced digital tools for providing better service to customers. Another strategic goal for the company was to ensure full regulatory compliance by bolstering its audit practices.

TCS’ Solution

  • Customer experience: The customer service processes were redesigned based on insights derived from the engagement between the firm's sales personnel and customers across various regions. This will facilitate a substantial reduction in the instances of manual information handoffs from marketing to sales during the check-in process, thereby enabling better customer engagement.
  • Sales effectiveness: TCS architected a digital-enabled platform solution to provide the company's sales team with actionable insights on individual clients. Provisioning of the digital tools across multiple channels and devices will pave the way for enhanced prospect experience during the sales process. TCS also reviewed the enterprise's contract management processes to identify improvement areas and automation possibilities, which should help reduce the contract rejection rate.
  • Operational efficiency: A next generation digital-enabled platform was envisioned and architected to facilitate increased collaboration, real-time data integrity validations, workflow-based authorization and audit, alerts, and notifications.
  • Regulatory compliance: The firm's audit processes were automated to ensure full regulatory compliance.

Key Benefits
The consulting engagement with TCS will enable the hospitality chain to deliver enhanced customer experience across all touch points, improve sales effectiveness and operational efficiency, and achieve full regulatory compliance.

Through automation of the sales center tour check-in process, the company is expected to reduce customer wait time by 25 percent. The adoption of a next-generation mobile application platform facilitated a completely paperless sales experience, contributing to improved customer engagement.

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