TCS guides a leading airline through best-in-class crisis communication platform selection

One of the world’s leading airlines needed to enhance its mission-critical incident and emergency response processes. The client had been using multiple applications to respond to crisis situations, making communication inefficient, labor-intensive and cumbersome.

Our Client
TCS’ client is one of the world’s leading international airlines. Established in the early 20th century, it is known for its best-in-class systems, operational efficiency, and excellent customer service.

Business Situation
In the event of a crisis, the company used four separate applications to alert crisis teams and response personnel, through internet and telecommunication devices. While there were overlapping functionalities, none of the applications could provide complete functional and technical support. As a result, crisis communication became inefficient and very difficult to manage. In addition, the applications were from different technologies and vendors, thus multiple service contracts, variable
licensing and support costs had to be managed separately.

TCS Solution
TCS used its proprietary IMPACT™ methodology (Integrated Methodology for developing Process oriented Architecture using Component Technology), that defines the process for architecture definition and provides a clear roadmap to build an integrated and flexible application architecture.
Through IMPACT, TCS developed a comprehensive understanding of the client’s existing crisis
communication framework and its challenges. A number of additional deficiencies that affected the client’s communication were identified.


  • Reduced turnaround time for incident management and emergency response, through improved access to a centralized store of timely and accurate crisis information
  • Enhanced system performance through centralization and batch generation of standard
  •  Enhanced communication capabilities thanks to compatibility across communication devices and
  • Lower IT management costs by moving to a single-vendor environment



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