TCS helps Telenor design a shared services center for infrastructure services and achieve operational efficiencies

In this video, Trond Ove Breivik, Group CIO, and Tommy Waldenstrom, Program Director, Telenor ASA, describe how Telenor partnered with TCS to analyze and design the IT shared services center for infrastructure across four Asian countries. This helped to achieve operational efficiencies, cost optimization and transparency.




Established in 1855, Telenor is a Norwegian multinational telecommunications company. It is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

As part of its IT infrastructure consolidation process, Telenor partnered with TCS for the analysis and design phase of its IT shared services initiative. The company wanted to consolidate its IT infrastructure operations in four business units across four different countries in Asia. This would help reduce IT operational costs, increase transparency and operational efficiency across the four identified business units.

“Telenor and TCS together have worked on a business case, which will give tremendous savings for the IT infrastructure area in Telenor. I think TCS’ approach is to be very business minded. We do not do this out of technology reasons, we do it because of business reasons and TCS was instrumental in making it happen.”
- Telenor ASA, Trond Ove Breivik, Group CIO
Experience Results:
TCS helped Telenor to set and realize specific targets for quality, time and operational efficiencies. Telenor now has specific metrics in place for operational success, quality success and the cost levels it would like to achieve.

The company is set to gain tremendous savings in the IT infrastructure area and increase transparency and standardization across its business units.

Experience Partnership:
Telenor appreciates TCS’ ability to remain business-focused throughout the project. TCS’ multi-cultural team helped deliver the project seamlessly and accommodate all new requirements. The coordinated onsite-offshore business model worked well to deliver excellent business results.

Experience Leadership:
Breivik highlights the dedicated efforts of TCS stakeholders in providing Telenor with legal and regulatory advice and sharing best practices. He also acknowledges that it would have been difficult to conduct this engagement without TCS’ committed involvement across many areas.

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