Kulkarni, Vinay

Chief Scientist, TRDDC, Pune



  • MSEE, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (1989)

Research Interests:

  • Software Engineering
  • Model driven development
  • Enterprise modeling

Vinay’s work in model-driven software engineering has led to a toolset that has been used to deliver several large business-critical systems since 1995. Much of this work has found way into OMG standards, three of which Vinay contributed to in a leadership role. A Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, London, Vinay serves on several program committees of international conferences.

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White Papers

Navigating a Complex Regulatory Landscape:Key Principles of a Holistic Compliance Solution

In this PoV the author highlights the challenges with the current approaches used by the industry and the research community to achieve regulatory compliance.

White Papers

Bringing Agility to Organizationl Decision Making

In this PoV the author takes a look at how single modeling language can be used to specify all the relevant aspects that an enterprise needs for agile decision-making.


Research and Innovation Blog Posts

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