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Agile’s Day Has Truly Arrived



Agile’s Day Has Truly Arrived

Being Digital Means Being Agile

Twenty years after agile became the buzzword in software development, almost every business function has come to realize its potential. Our current issue of TCS Perspectives deep dives into implementation of agile methodologies by focusing on three themes:

The Essence of Agile

Established enterprises find it more difficult to adopt agile practices than the digital natives. In “Embracing Agility Means Agility by the Business, for the Business,” Nidhi Srivastava explains why established companies need to change their ways.

K. Subramanian and Mohammed Musthafa S. show how to get the best results from dispersed teams in their article “Location-Independent Agile – How To Scale Agile Development Across Multiple Locations.”

In an exclusive interview, MIT Sloan School Professor Michael Cusumano talks about the evolution of agile and how past experiences inform today’s businesses.

Applying Agile

In their article “Enterprise Agility: Pushing Innovation to the Edge of the Organization”, Courtney Wood and Apala Mukherjee describe the benefits of empowering people directly engaged with customers.

Nidhi Srivastava and Carl Shea discuss how leaders can adopt agile mindsets in their article “Effective Leadership of Agile Organizations: Building a Culture of Servant Leadership”.

A pioneer of the lean startup movement, Steve Blank, discusses how established organizations in business and government sectors have applied lean-agile.

Agile at Work

Rajashree R. and Pratik Pal explain how large retailers that have adopted agile bring innovative business models and customer offerings to market faster in their article “How Retail CEOs Can Drive Agile to Grow Their Business”.

In “Fending Off the FinTechs: How Agile Financial Services Firms are Transforming Their Businesses”, RamanaMurthy Magapu and Sathish Sankaranarayanan explain how established financial institutions are competing with native startups.

In the concluding article “The Business Case for Location-Independent Agile”, we identify how pioneering companies are managing agile teams across multiple locations.

These articles will help you think about the journey to agile, its advantages, and how best you can capture those.