Large Banks / FIs are unable to make changes to their legacy technology landscape due to the need for huge investments resulting in steep decline in market share allowing new entrants taking up the younger customer segments. Banking Service Bureau (BSB) alleviates this risk significantly.


Banking Service Bureau (BSB) is a Banking as a Service platform enabled by TCS BaNCS with a Digital & Israel ready Core offering full Banking, Securities & Advisory services. APIs from TCS BaNCS will enable creation of a custom and differentiated digital front end. The platform is fully compliant to local regulation, integrated with financial ecosystem in Israel and runs on a private cloud with shared services support

  • If you are a start-up bank or a financial institution looking at throwing in a challenge to well established financial institutions, BSB offers rapid time to market & lowers entry barriers with a market ready digital platform
  • If you are a well-established financial institution with heritage technology frameworks planning to transform your operations / focus on a new customer segment/ create a virgin banking entity as a digital bank, BSB offers componentized solutions for you, ranging from digital lending, customer on-boarding, payments, anti- money laundering and securities, on a subscription model
  • If you are a well-established player in a non-financial industry (Retail / Pharma / Telecom etc), keen to offer innovative financial services to your customers as a differentiator, then BSB is what you need


  • Low entry barrier for new entities to get on-boarded
  • Quick & Agile implementation approach allowing banks to proceed with a soft launch
  • Comprehensive regulation support ensuring full compliance
  • Vendor management is fully handled by TCS, allowing the bank to focus on core business functions
  • Componentized model catering to various business models such as Digital Lending, E-KYC or Digital Bank Guarantees facilitating innovation

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