The pandemic has brought about a new set of challenges for Market Infrastructure Institutions, or MIIs. They have grown more than most segments, driven by retail interest and surplus liquidity. They have also faced waves of change, both regulatory and disruptive. This applies to all asset classes, and Payment infrastructures. MIIs now need to combine high performance, low latency and best-in-class resilience with the agility to introduce new products/asset classes, and handle next generation tokenized assets/NFTs. 

TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure is now deployed globally for CSDs, clearinghouses, exchanges, central banks, and central payments infrastructures. In each and every deployment, TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure adapts to the specific needs of the marketplace, its regulators, investors, financial institutions, and other stakeholders. What’s more - our recent launch of Quartz for Markets fully embodies that spirit of embracing change. Built on the principles of coexistence, integration, and interoperability, our flexible distributed technology solution for MIIs has the capability to incorporate tokenized assets into investor portfolios of all types and sizes. Already, Quartz has been selected by four MIIs in the last six months.

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