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TCS BaNCS for Securities Processing helps SEI boost operational efficiency and productivity  

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SEI needed an integrated investment management solution to meet expansion goals

To embark on the strategic initiative of establishing a global wealth management platform, SEI discovered that such a solution would have to seamlessly integrate with back-office processes and be equipped with complete portfolio accounting, position keeping as well as corporate actions capabilities. As a result, SEI chose to partner with TCS to implement TCS BaNCS for Securities Processing, a superior product suite known for its proven models and processes, and superior quality.


SEI improves operating efficiencies with an integrated investment management solution

The platform offers standard interfaces for industry gateways and financial information providers such as SWIFT, Reuters, and Bloomberg. The solution’s multi-entity capability enabled SEI to offer its services through a shared infrastructure, while seamlessly interfacing with existing delivery channels.

Apart from taking care of centralized custody and portfolio accounting, it also managed securities, income, cost accounting, and corporate actions processing. This framework provided additional information needed for transaction execution, life and business management, and for enhancing access to critical data. Currently, the solution running at SEI is being used by HSBC for delivering wealth management services including:

  • Client portfolio accounting

  • Street-side settlements

  • Securities and cash position maintenance

  • Corporate actions processing

  • Tax lot maintenance

  • Forex operations



With TCS BaNCS, SEI saw remarkable improvement in productivity and operational efficiency.

TCS BaNCS’ integrated investment management solution has helped SEI:

  • Enhance overall productivity and continue leading the market

  • Serve customers better with a diverse range of products and services on a single platform

  • Streamline back-office operations and reduce errors through a flexible and scalable automation platform

  • Interact seamlessly with external entities and front-office systems through robust interfaces

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